My first watercolour experiment as an adult

Image: close up of a watercolor sketch bookmark propped up horizontally on a stack of books.
Dipping my toe into the world of watercolour.

When I started drawing [again] in 2021, I went for a black fine liner pen. I like it. And I like it for its practicality and portability. Watercolour? Too messy for me.

But lately, I kept going back and forth wanting to try out watercolour as a possible medium for me.

I’d see a gorgeous landscape and knew drawing it with colours would be amazing; on paper and for my soul.

I didn’t have a specific plan to start watercolour, nor was this supposed to be a watercolour sketch bookmark. But, I did do watercolour (well, sort of, with brush pens that can be turned into watercolour). And this strip of thick mixed media drawing paper, a scrap I’d saved from an art commission, did turn out to be a handy bookmark. It was an impromptu thing. A “let’s do some quick gestural sketch, and let’s try to colour it” kind of experiment.

So, there you have it. My first watercolour experiment as an adult. The last time I touched watercolour? Oh, I was probably less than ten years old. Hello again, kid. And hello again, blog.

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