Trying out gestural sketching

image: a gestural pen sketch of a woman lifting up a cup of coffee while reading a book.
Practising what I’ve learnt from Marc Taro Holmes’ class.

I’m loving this loose, gestural kind of sketch. It feels…liberating. The style is something new for me.

I like that it’s fast. The gestural strokes allow me to be nonchalant about the lines, and gave me permission to make mistakes.

I can finally visualise myself sketching on location. Something which is alien to me and seemingly unreachable, as I was more used to drawing in my “studio”.

For this new style, I have yet to find out that if I stop short of adding watercolour, and just keep it as an ink sketch, would that be okay? The thought was driven by a self-limiting expression that since I’m known as an artist (actually, who knows me? Self-deprecating laugh) who does primarily black & white pen drawing, would it confuse people if I do more colours?

Then again, I could add watercolour. Who’s stopping me?

Published by Melinda

Writer, artist, entrepreneur. Ever learning.

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