An absolute beginner in watercolour bought artist-grade Holbein watercolour

So, I did it. I went and bought my first set of watercolours as an adult. My last set was most probably bought by my mum when I was a kid. It has been that long.

I went for Holbein. Not that I’m an expert in watercolour. Hardly. I’m a chicken-poop scared absolute beginner in the world of watercolour. For someone who’s scared of making mistakes, who has an unhealthy performance-production need to complete things nicely, watercolour seems like the makings of a nightmare. If I said I’m sometimes anxious about making mistakes on my non-digital fine liner drawings (no delete button), getting into watercolour is levelling up!

I bought Holbein watercolour because I read and researched it’s one of the better artist-grade brands that artists use. That even a beginner should go for artist-grade and not student grade, because the pigments are just different. Therefore, learn from the beginning using artist-grade watercolour.

Shall update in due time when I pluck up the courage to mess up the paint. The kit is nicely kept in my drawer. Then again, it’s only one day after the purchase. Let’s see.

Published by Melinda

Writer, artist, entrepreneur. Ever learning.

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