Living in Portugal log: buying groceries

At the time of writing, it’s day three of living in Portugal.

We are still easing in, so we don’t have the brain space to plan a full groceries list for cooking at home.

But, we bought some ready-cooked food, bread, salad, cheese and cold cuts for sandwiches from the nearby supermarket, Continente. And today, another supermarket, Pingo Doce.

image: a photo of Portugal groceries items : Pingo Doce peanut butter, a packet of baby spinach, fresh milk, Sical ground coffee, infusion tea, washing gloves, face cream and facial cleansing wipes on a kitchen counter top

Buying groceries here, in general, is significantly cheaper, the items we bought: fresh milk, peanut butter, coffee, and even face moisturizer, cost double, or triple times more in Kuala Lumpur.

Dated July 2, 2022

How much we spent today on our groceries from Pingo Doce, Portugal

Pingo Doce 1 litre milk €0.78
Pingo Doce 170g washed baby spinach €0.99
Sical 250g ground coffee €3.19
Pingo Doce 25 sachets infusion tea €0.79
Pingo Doce Be Beauty Q10 face cream with SPF 15 €2.99
Pingo Doce Be Beauty 25 pieces facial cleansing wipes €0.75

Many more healthy, affordable meals to come!

Tuna in olive oil, with loads of fresh baby spinach on multi-grain bread

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